Do's and Don'ts

Here are the basic do's and don'ts to help you. NEVER use your every day email address when submitting to anything online. You should always set up a free email address at one of the endless places found on the internet. And you should then use that email address instead. Look at Yahoo.Com or Hotmail.Com two of the longest running companies for free email addresses. The idea is to setup two or three free email addresses. Always use these for submitting to anything online, then you can simply empty these without even reading the spam, you will find within.

Never put your every day email address into someone's web site Guest Book or even into a web page script on your own web site. If you do then the page you did this within will be scanned daily and frequently, by scripts and bots that scan for email addresses and your email address added to endless junk mail lists, without your consent. So whatever you do, ALWAYS use an email address set up specifically for that very use and sole purpose.

You should only use your email address for trustworthy friends and family. Never use a friends email address in an email where there are more than one recipient. As scripts also scan the email headers to collate bulk email addresses, and other users within that list also unscrupulously and unknowingly add those email addresses to other spam lists. Always send one email to just one person at a time. If you need to send the same email in triplicate to different recipients, then just go back in your browser and change the email address and send again. Keep repeating this until task is completed. Your Friends will appreciate this as it also offers them an individual touch from you, and an added, sense of security.

The internet users who know what they are doing, always disconnect from the internet and then reconnect after sending an email, WHY! Because that email they sent will contain their IP address and enable other unscrupulous users to throw them off line or even hack into their computer. So to reconnect gives them a different IP address. Each time you connect you are given a new IP address. The IP address may or may not be changed with some ISP's.

Never send an email to someone while you are in a chat room as you are then also giving the recipient your IP address.
An IP address is a series of numbers (like a phone number or social security number) that identifies you and your own ISP on the internet. Example 123.456.789.045 so next time you connect you might get an IP not directly following that example but something like this 123.456.789.756

Be Wise do the following and enjoy the internet.

Have fun surfing.............